Blockbank Basics

Whether you’re a newbie in crypto or blockbank app — we got your back. We know that sometimes things can get quite confusing, yet the blockbank team & community is always here to help. Join the blockbank community today and start buying, trading, or staking in a few clicks. Get started by downloading our app, creating an account, and using the tutorials as a helpful guide through the process. Trust us, you’ll be ready to start investing, trading, and staking in no time.

How to stake on blockbank

Staking is an easy way of earning weekly rewards for holding assets on the blockbank platform. It’s also a way to generate a passive income on your crypto. You can earn up to 20% for staking BBANK, and 10% for holding BTC, ETH, USTD, USDC, BNB, ORION. Our staking program is broken down into a tier system. Learn more about our tier system here.

Here’s how to start ⚡️

1. Log into the app
2. Swipe left to access the tab “Staking”
3. Scroll down to find the asset you want to stake
4. Choose the number of days- 30, 60, 90, or 180 Days
5. Enter the amount you want to stake
6. Tap on Stake
Easy as that!

All that’s left to do is wait for your weekly rewards! The rewards are automatically deposited into your account every Monday.

How to complete euro transactions on blockbank

It only takes a few quick clicks to deposit or withdraw your assets into Euros.

Ready to deposit Orion with Euros?

1. Log into the application
2. Tap on EUR and tap Deposit
3. Deposit EUR using SWIFT or SEPA bank details
Congrats, your wallet now has euros in it. ✅

You can now easily buy, trade, or stake your assets using Euros. Any plans of what you’ll do first?

Ready to withdraw Orion with Euros?

Some things are complicated in crypto-related apps, but trust us - withdrawing euros out of your blockbank wallet is not one of them. Euros will be back into your account in two steps.

1.Tap on EUR and tap Withdrawal
2.Enter your bank details and tap on withdrawal

You can now spend your euros. ✅

Outside of Europe? Not a problem; if you’re living in another country and would like to deposit money into the blockbank app, you can use third-party services. We’d recommend third-party services such as OFX, WorldRemit & Wise. With these third-party services, users can transfer money within a matter of minutes, depending on the amount being transferred from all around the world! You can then use $ORION to complete transactions with these third-party services!

How to Buy Orion Money With Euro

Want to buy $ORION with Euros? It only takes a few minutes.

1. Log into the application
2. Deposit EURO by using your SWIFT or SEPA bank codes
3. Tap on Trade
4. Click on Orion
5. Enter the amount you want to buy
6. Tap on trade
Transaction Completed ✅

Now you are ready to start staking your $ORION to earn up to 20%! Scroll up to see the steps on how to stake.

How to Bridge from BEP20 to ERC20

1. Log on to the application
2. Go to the DeFi Side
3. You’ll transfer the BEP20 token to the CeFi side of the app
4. Tap on withdrawal
5. Now enter your DeFi wallet address
6. Choose the network ERC20
7. Tap on withdrawal
Success ✅ You’ve bridged from BEP20 to ERC20

This process is similar to ERC20 to BEP20

Got questions? Send a ticket on our website through tech support, chat with our AI bot, or shoot us a message on our telegram channel.

We’re here to help you navigate the crypto world!