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Everything You Need to Know About blockbank V3

Since the launch of blockbank, our team has strived to build an ecosystem that combines all of the vital CeFi, DeFi & neo banking features while protecting every new joiner and experienced investor with cutting-edge security layers. The long-awaited update, V3, is a major milestone blockbank just hit, and we are sure that it will redefine the way how users interact with their digital assets.

According to Bankrate latest report, more than 60% of users find it challenging to use crypto-first applications. The challenges include — registration and identity verification issues (33%), complicated user interfaces (49%), and even more confusing digital assets purchasing & trading (57%).

A seamless, hassle-free experience can only be achieved by deploying next-generation technologies, and blockbank is known for being a true powerhouse for introducing innovative solutions.

blockbank V3 Launch

The updated super-app rolled out to the public and presented a range of partnership-enhanced features, including faster transactions, a new user interface, a range of assets, improvements in KYC verification efficiency, and more.

The launch of the newest update introduced users to The Avalanche Network. Users can now directly access the AVAX chain on the blockbank app and trade tokens, including $AVAX. The integration will allow us to gradually roll out new tokens faster, and provide our users with a seamless experience navigating through BNB, ETH, and AVAX blockchains on the DeFi side of the application.

With the roll-out of V3, we are also welcoming Unstoppable Domains, an industry leader, allowing users to replace a complicated Web3 wallet domain with an easy-to-remember nickname. Users of the blockbank application will soon be able to purchase custom domains without exiting the app.

Security is one of the most concerning factors that prevent crypto newbies and experts from joining various projects. At blockbank, we take security seriously, and with the latest Fireblocks integration, users can store their digital assets directly on our super-app with peace of mind. The partnership introduces cutting-edge security layers, protecting user data and digital assets through the whole transaction process and beyond.

We also continue to improve the technology behind identity verification, and our partner SumSub has helped to make the KYC (Know Your Customer) process even faster & more convenient. The users will now be able to verify their identity in less than three minutes! And we are beyond happy to announce that blockbank will now be available for users in the U.S. and Canada!

Highest Level of Convenience

We have already mentioned that V3 introduces a brand-new user interface that allows users to navigate different protocols easily. The revamped UI now lets users change between dark and light modes or sync the modes with the system preferences.

Users actively investing in $BNB, $USDT, $USDC, $AVAX, $ETH, and $BTC on the CeFi side of the blockbank app can now trade it even faster. In just a few clicks, purchase your favorite assets using debit/credit cards.

Get full instructions here

Improvements are also coming to deposits, withdrawals, and transactions. Our team has worked hard to bring speed improvements, and from now on, all of the transactions will be blazingly fast with just a few clicks.

CeFi & DeFi, Minus the Complexity

Although many applications offer all-in-one solutions for CeFi and DeFi platforms, most fail to provide an easy-to-navigate interface for users unfamiliar with most crypto terms. Luckily, blockbank is here to revolutionize how users interact with their digital assets and give them access to this landscape’s greatest features.

After the launch of V3, we are continuing to build our ecosystem, and recently we announced the listing of $DOGE, $LTC, and $MATIC coins, available for trading on the CeFi side of the blockbank application.

And last but not least — Trader Joe’s dApp for users to explore on blockbank for Android.

What’s Next?

One that is for sure — we are not pressing the ‘pause’ button. Our team is working hard on introducing new features, tokens, and integrations to bring you the best of CeFi, DeFi & neobanking can offer.

Try the all-in-one blockbank app yourself — download it on App Store and Google Play.

And don’t forget to follow us on our Twitter and join our Telegram channel first to hear exclusive news about future updates.

Author: The blockbank team
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