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The Role of Regulation in the Future of Blockchain

The future of blockchain depends on several factors, and regulation is one of the most crucial. Regulation is essential to how blockchain has got to […]

Crypto as Currency: the journey of countries using Bitcoin as legal tender

What do El Salvador and the Central African Republic (CAR) have in common? Both have permitted cryptocurrency to be used as legal tender. Does the […]

Important dates in the history of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has changed the financial world as we once knew it. Below, we have rounded up some of the most important and interesting moments in […]

The Benefits of the Ethereum Virtual Machine and Future Possibilities

The blockchain ecosystem is rapidly maturing, with technologies like the Ethereum Virtual Machine playing a crucial role in enhancing interoperability and interconnectivity are becoming increasingly […]

The Future of NFTs: What’s Been Happening and What’s to Come

NFTs came into the world with a bang, transforming the financial ecosystem and charting a course with some fascinating highs and lows. From the revolutionary […]

Fideum’s Commitment to Transparency in Asset Listings

In our ongoing effort to enhance transparency and provide as much information symmetry as possible, Fideum is committed to openly communicating our asset listing decisions. […]

🚀 Introducing HODL Virtual and Physical Cards from Fideum

At Fideum, we’re always looking for ways to bridge the gap between digital assets and everyday life. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest […]

$FI Token Live

December 18th – we at Fideum are excited to announce a significant development in our journey: the transition from BBANK to FI tokens. This token […]

Fideum: 2023 Recap and Upcoming Token Swap

In 2023, Fideum emerged as the unified identity of GenBlock and Blockbank, marking a deliberate and strategic move for the company’s future. This merger synergized […]

Fideum’s Victory at the Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV Program

🏆 🥳 We are thrilled to announce our monumental victory at the Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV Program Grand Finale at Slush 2023. Standing tall against the […]

Fideum Triumphs with Mastercard Lighthouse People’s Choice Award & Baltics Class Winner Accolade — Fall 2023!

We’re ecstatic to share groundbreaking news: Fideum has not only clinched the Mastercard Lighthouse People’s Choice Award but has also been honored as the Baltics […]

Fideum & CoinSmart: Charting the Future of Simple, Intuitive Crypto Trading 🚀

When two giants in their respective domains come together, the world stands up and takes notice. Such is the story of Fideum and CoinSmart, two […]

Deep Dive: Fideum’s Partnership with Mastercard – A Beacon of Progress

In today’s era of financial evolution, the line between traditional financial institutions and innovative fintech platforms is blurring. It’s a time when traditional powerhouses and […]

The Dawn of Fideum: Blockbank’s Evolution and What It Means for Our Retail Community

In the vibrant, ever-evolving world of finance, adaptation is the key to enduring success. From its inception, Blockbank has been more than a brand—it’s been […]

blockbank’s Crypto Debit Card: Reinventing Neobanking

June 22nd — Pre-Order Your blockbank “HODL” Crypto Debit Card Today! After months of anticipation, the wait is finally over! We at blockbank are beyond thrilled to […]