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How do I EARN on the blockbank app?

Follow the guide below!

How do I withdraw digital assets from the blockbank app?

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How do I create a CeFi account?

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How do I deposit digital assets on CeFi?

The beauty of a crypto deposit in blockbank’s CeFi wallet is that it should take about 5 minutes to be completed successfully. On some occasions […]

How long does my Identification (KYC) process take?

Sometimes our identification provider can be busy checking other documents before getting to yours. Please be patient as it can usually take anywhere from 10 […]

My identification (KYC) attempt failed. Why can’t I try again?

This means that our provider has let us know that it has been declined at this time, and there are no other attempts remaining. We […]

Can I unlock my earning?

Mobile App earning has a timelock. For this reason, once you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions and you have entered the amount to […]

Do users also get their own bank account on blockbank?

After your KYC is approved, you will be able to use all the services of the CeFi side of the application. More updates will be […]

Can I use the blockbank app if KYC is not possible for my country?

Unfortunately if you reside in any of the countries below, you will not be able to use the blockbank application. Afghanistan, Australia’s other dependent territories, […]

How do I earn stablecoins?

Earning Stablecoins is available directly in the blockbank application. We currently allow USDC, BUSD & USDT earning. For more options, please wait for our announcements. […]