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Can I withdraw $FI tokens from the CeFi side of the blockbank app?

Yes, $FI withdrawals are live and fully functioning on the blockbank app (both mobile and desktop). Just follow the video below for a quick demonstration […]

How to do the $BBANK to $FI token swap on a DeFi wallet?

Please follow the short video below for a complete demonstration of $BBANK to $FI on a DeFi wallet. If you do not see the $FI […]

I don’t see the $FI token on my DeFi wallet. How can I add it?

You can easily add the $FI token to your DeFi wallet by choosing the network and adding the token contract address: 0x1294f4183763743c7c9519Bec51773fb3aCD78FD Just follow the […]

How to do the $BBANK to $FI token swap on the CeFi side of the blockbank app?

Just follow the video below to do the swap seamlessly from $BBANK to $FI in the blockbank app.

What if I have $BBANK on gate.io? Do I need to do anything?

Yes, if you want to swap your $BBANK tokens on gate to $FI, you have to transfer them to the blockbank application (CeFi) or to […]

If I locked my $BBANK in the “Earn” program, would they automatically convert?

Yes, they will automatically convert to $FI after a few days of the $FI token launch at the 1:10 ratio. You can just sit back […]

What should I know about swap ratio and the timeline?

In the first month following the swap, each $BBANK token can be exchanged for 10 $FI tokens. From the second to the sixth month, the […]

What is the $FI Token Distribution and Listing Strategy?

$FI launches as a multi-chain asset on both the Ethereum (ERC) and BNB (BEP) networks, emphasizing our dedication to accessibility and versatility. Initially, FI will […]

What are the key issues addressed by the $BBANK to $FI token swap?

With the BBANK to FI token swap, we’re not just changing names; we’re addressing several critical issues to improve our platform: Enhanced Trading Transparency: Transitioning […]

Where to trade $FI off the app?

To Trade BBANK to FI token click the links below: Uniswap PancakeSwap

Key things to know about the token launch

The transition from $BBANK to $FI started on Dec 18, 2023. This token swap is a key part of our strategy to enhance our platform’s […]