The blockbank Crypto Rewards Card

in partnership with Visa TM



blockbank is powered by our platform’s utility token called $$BBANK. Users can gain access to our Debit card rewards program, Robo-Advisory, increase their APY % and earn interest on their tokens by staking $$BBANK in their custodial blockbank wallet.You can also check our Lightpaper.

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If you want to stake on the website, please head over to Staking page.


To stake on our application, please download the application on Google or Apple stores & follow this tutorial.

blockbank has two office locations, one in Toronto, Canada & Vilnius, Lithuania. Vilnius is the main Headquaters.

You can check our team details on our website on this page.

A bridge between ERC-20 & BSC is available either through the CeFi side of the blockbank application or any exchange that offers ERC-20 & BSC network of the $BBANK token such as GATE.IO exchange.

Please refer to this link for the calculation of your reward on Staking page.

Unfortunately due to regulations in the US, we cannot provide CeFi to US citizens for the time being. However, A partner of ours – GenBlock will be able to service the US once it is available! Stay tuned for updates!

At the present moment, you can only deposit or withdraw Euros. The method you can complete this by SWIFT and SEPA.