Amazing News For BlockBank & Its Private Sale Investors

On behalf of the Blockbank leadership team, we would like to thank our investors for their participation, support and trust in BlockBank. We have come a long way since the token launch. V2 is out now, and we will continue to build on the application.

November is going to be a big month for us. We will be featured on major financial news television in the United States, as well as some other surprises.

We are distributing a FINAL amount of tokens meaning all remaining tokens will be released as per the unlock schedule. They will be deposited to our CeFi infrastructure and staked at the highest (VIP) tier so our investors can get the highest yield on their tokens while they wait for the unlock. All tokens will continue to earn 20% until March 26, 2022 when they will be available for withdrawal if users wish to do so.

If you are a private sale investor, you will have to follow the steps below to claim your remaining tokens in app!

The process is going to be the following:

1. You need to create a CeFI account (KYC required) in the Blockbank application. In case of any issues, we have a separate support staff to assist with investor accounts

2. All remaining $BBANK tokens will be sent directly to this account

3. These $BBANK tokens will be locked in staking with 20% APY until March 26th 2022

4. Interest from the staking can be withdrawn weekly, earned $BBANK are not locked

5. If you represent a pool or group of individuals, we will kindly ask to send us the details and token amounts, and inform them to open the CeFi accounts.

The purpose of this unlock and subsequent staking is to boost value of the token as the sell pressure will be minimized and the retail perception will improve, adding more leverage to our marketing activities.

The team & business believes this unlock will show we are fully confident in our upcoming developments and this is why we are willing to fast track our supply release. Its a win-win for investors as there will be no more sell pressure from supply unlocks and this will incentivize future investors to buy in and stake.

For any questions regarding the full unlock & stake, please head to our website and start a chat with our support team.

Warm Regards,
BlockBank Founders

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