BlockBank acquires a significant share of Canadian entity — GenBlock Financial.

BlockBank’s leadership team has an exciting announcement before the end of a busy year. Blockbank has acquired a significant share of the Canadian entity — GenBlock Financial, which currently holds a Money Service Business License in Canada.

GenBlock Financial’s vision is to empower North American investors to seek greater yields within the rapidly advancing decentralized financial space, with a focus on compliance without compromising our devotion to security, privacy, or decentralization.

BlockBank has entered into an agreement to provide a service license with GenBlock Finance. This agreement allows for the project to use BlockBank’s technology to service North American clients in the United States and Canada. We are excited about the acquisition as GenBlock shares BlockBank’s vision of being the best of DeFi and CeFi combined in one place, with AI to assist in your financial decision-making.

Additionally, GenBlock already has strong financial partnerships in the United States. This enables users based in the States to utilize the DeFi and CeFi components of the application. As a result, users will be able to apply for debit cards and participate in centralized cryptocurrency services.

The New Year promises to be a big one for BlockBank, as the Canadian entity — GenBlock Financial, plans to go public in the very near future.

We would like to thank our investors for their participation, support, and trust in BlockBank and invite you to join us on this special occasion.

For more information on GenBlock please head to their website & subscribe to their Telegram Announcement channel for convenient updates!

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