Blockbank Robo-Advisor Is In Training

We’re around the corner from Blockbank releasing its V2 application. The developer team is working hard behind the scenes, features are being implemented and tested, and our Robo-Advisor is in training mode, but what can we expect from it?

One of Blockbank’s main features and advantages within the market is its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robo Advisor. As we continue to develop and get ready for the release of the new V2 application, we are also developing and helping to train our AI bot. Along with CeFi, DeFi, and staking as well as our debit card program, the Robo-advisor will assist you in all financial decisions.

We have been busy integrating new data feeds including social influence data feeds into the AI advisor so it can make the best decisions and advise our users accordingly. As more and more data feeds are integrated into our AI’s algorithm and more users ask our Robo Advisor Trainee questions — now available in beta on our website- the more it will learn how to cater to our user base. It will learn the correct ways to answer each query and get better and more refined over time, with over 1500 interactions made over the last few weeks.

Our Robo-Advisor is currently in training and is still learning so if you get some funny answers, rest assured this is the learning process for it to become a well-refined smart bot. When we get the bot to full functionality it will act as an Intelligent Assistant (IA).l It will be deployed in a few stages, below are the two main ones and some additional features explained:

The Robo Advisor will provide comprehensive and actionable advice per request, via in-app chat, or by voice command using natural language processing. This will allow users to invest, follow market trends, receive notifications and insights from social media and exchanges. What does it mean in practice? It massively reduces the number of time users need to spend on research and allows them to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Rolling out the Robo Advisor will involve multiple stages of deployment with different features being added over time. The

Portfolio management and investment features will be enabled upon partnering with the license holders or receiving relevant licenses as a company. At this stage, the AI will become a fully-fledged Robo advisory service that will allow automated order management and execution, portfolio creation and management, and many other features.

BlockBank is working on developing and adapting existing artificial intelligence tech to meet the blockchain and crypto industry’s needs. Currently, AI is being used by big tech companies like Google, Oracle, Asurion, and many other large and medium-sized enterprises. This means that BlockBank is on the right path to providing users with a well-tested and extremely reliable product with a wide range of capabilities.

As we build out our platform in stages, our users will warm up to the idea of our AI-bot assisting with various decisions. As humans, we inherently think we are capable of making the best decisions but ultimately, if we don’t have the information sometimes we are basing these decisions on hope. Our Robo-advisor will bridge this gap of information and help our users make better-informed decisions with their finances. Together, we are changing the future of banking at Blockbank.

BlockBank bridges the gap and strives to provide our users with frictionless integration between traditional financial systems and CeDeFi. In short — we are bringing the full banking experience to CeDeFi. We are a user-friendly, highly functional, empowering, and future-proof tool to fulfill any of your decentralized or centralized financial needs — the all-in-one gateway to cryptocurrency. Our Robo advisor is the next generation of analytical tools, AI-powered recommendation systems, and educational materials to help our users navigate all things crypto, make sound and informed decisions.