BlockBank V2 Launches Live BETA Application, Drastically Expanding DeFi Accessibility and Functionality

The all-in-one platform features traditional and DeFi financial services, a Robo Advisor, debit and credit cards, and more, enhancing the everyday banking experience.

V2 BETA of the BlockBank application which is a pioneering financial platform blending traditional mobile banking with decentralized finance (DeFi) and AI technology, is officially available to download on the Google Play Store followed by Apple once the approval phase is complete!

BlockBank will provide its users an all-inclusive platform, combining the best of DeFi and centralized finance (CeFi) through a secure, private and user-friendly experience. Meticulously developed for 4 months, with V2 upgrading its core BlockBank’s existing mobile application in its new release, which includes game-changing features including AI technology, banking, and a personalized Robo Advisor to craft a curated experience for each user — from crypto veterans to the crypto-curious.

On a mission to expand DeFi accessibility and financial empowerment across the globe, BlockBank’s V2 application provides an elevated baking experience to meet users’ fiat and crypto needs. With a total value locked (TVL) of $100,000,000 to date, BlockBank’s release of V2 is bringing users key functionalities which are displayed in the infographic below.

The current application is ready and has all the features above integrated as well as all the assets mentioned. However, we will be releasing them in a timely manner through phases to ensure a smooth transition for onboarding our users.

To specify,

  • Euro FIAT will be enabled in the next few days
  • USDT will be available on the Ethereum network as ERC20 ONLY.
  • Ethereum network is temporarily ONLY enabled for DApps
  • DeFi wallet will temporarily have a limited number of tokens available (any unlisted tokens sent to your wallet will be added after we update)
  • Password recovery will temporarily be accessed via our Support Chat on
  • Token Approval on DeFi wallet is coming soon
  • Referral codes for ambassadors will be available in an upcoming update

Are You Currently Staking For The VIP NFT Competition?

Staking for the VIP NFT competition will continue to run up until the 8th of November at 1300 UTC. After this time, you will be able to withdraw your $BBANK tokens from our website and deposit them into your v2 wallet address. We advise you to take your time and read all the instructions of the new app to understand how it functions. When you are ready, make a test transaction first to make sure your wallet receives the funds.

The in-app staking will require KYC on our CeFi wallet side. To verify yourself, select the CeFi wallet and begin the verification process. If you have any issues, please contact our support team on

Alongside these valuable features, V2 will host non-custodial walletsin-app asset swaps, and a diverse suite of decentralized applications (DApps), BlockBank users will also enjoy enhanced staking incentives with V2’s tiered staking rewards program. With five tiers in total, ranging from 1–500,000+ of BlockBank’s utility coin, $BBank, staked a user’s wallet, participants can earn up to 10 percent annual percentage yield (APY) on staked crypto tokens (such as BTC and most ERC 20 tokens), and up to 20 percent APY on staked BBank tokens.

“We have all, at some point, struggled with juggling multiple applications to handle our DeFi and CeFi affairs, so BlockBank is pleased to offer our growing community of 50,000+ users an intuitive, secure, and enjoyable platform, that can effectively house all crypto and fiat needs, and more, in one application”—

“We took things to the next level by incorporating disruptive AI technology that will truly offer a tailored financial experience, saying goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions that often leave people in the dark. With the launch of V2, we are one large step closer to helping anyone, anywhere, access the tools they need to enter the crypto and traditional markets.”

— Kelghe D’cruz — CEO of BlockBank.

To ensure offerings are secure, reliable, and useful to the community, BlockBank has collaborated with a number of sophisticated technology and DeFi partners to integrate state-of-the-art application functionalities. Partners include Circle (USDC), allowing users to earn up a very competitive APY on USDC, Polygon, offering its robust multi-chain ecosystem reducing fees and transaction delays, alongside other trusted players in the space such as Ontology’s suite of decentralized identity and data sharing protocols facilitating secure data transactions without third party interference, and Chainlink’s reliable pricing data. With nearly 20 partnerships in place, BlockBank will integrate each third-party into V2 on a rolling basis.

Alongside its global team of blockchain and financial experts, BlockBank has accrued an impressive roster of advisors in the fintech and asset space. Advisors include Joel (Coach K) Kovshoff, co-founder of Mad-Tech and one of the original investors in the vision Bitcoin, Luke Lombe, partner at Faculty Group, Simone Giacomelli, co-founder of SigularityNET, Pat LaVecchia, CEO of Oasis Pro Markets, Hector Torres, fintech and technology lawyer, and Ryan Hanley, crypto product manager of Elwood Technologies.

For all BETA testing Feedback please refer to this Form

BlockBank’s V2 application is available for download now on the Android store. For more information on V2’s developments, review the V2 roadmap and visit

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BlockBank bridges the gap and strives to provide our users with frictionless integration between traditional financial systems and CeDeFi. In short — we are bringing the full banking experience to CeDeFi. We are a user-friendly, highly functional, empowering, and future-proof tool to fulfill any of your decentralized or centralized financial needs — the all-in-one gateway to cryptocurrency. Our Robo advisor is the next generation of analytical tools, AI-powered recommendation systems, and educational materials to help our users navigate all things crypto, make sound and informed decisions.