Stakers Have A Chance To Win A VIP NFT Valued At 500,000 $BBANK !!!

For a valid entry into the competition, Click Here to fill in the form.

Blockbank is VERY EXCITED to announce our very first NFT & we’re coming out with a bang !!! We are giving away a limited edition VIP NFT !!! This NFT will allow the user to receive VIP perks & rewards for as long as they hold onto the NFT.

Blockbank is building value in the ecosystem by promoting the higher level Tiers and Perks as our holders look to bolster their portfolios by using the Blockbank rewards structure to get the most out of their Capital.

The VIP NFT winner will be eligible to enjoy a wide range of premium services for life such as:

  • 8% Cashback on Purchases
  • 20% APY On $BBANK Tokens Staked
  • 10% APY On All other Tokens Staked
  • Reduced fees on borrowing/lending
  • Debit card
  • Exclusive Offers such as insurance, wealth management and more

How to enter the competition?

  1. Users will need to start staking BEFORE the FIRST SNAPSHOT
    Friday 08 October 2021–1300 UTC
  2. Users will need to continue staking upto CLOSING SNAPSHOT
    Monday 08 November 2021–1300 UTC

The VIP NFT Winner will be announced on the 09/11/2021–1300 UTC

Snapshots will be taken randomly through the month to validate that participants did not remove stake.

NFT can also be sold on the open market but will not have any $BBANK tokens attached to it.

There will also be 6 random winners throughout the competition where users can win between 1,000 & 10,000 BBANK tokens.

While staking for the competition Users will enjoy a high APY of 24% !!!

For a valid entry into the competition, Click Here to fill in the form.

Please read this form carefully and fill it out as there are some basic tasks that are needed to complete in order to be eligible.

The winner of the VIP NFT will enjoy VIP rewards for Life & this NFT will be theirs to keep unless they choose to sell to a suitable buyer.

About BlockBank

BlockBank bridges the gap and strives to provide our users with frictionless integration between traditional financial systems and CeDeFi. In short — we are bringing the full banking experience to CeDeFi. We are a user-friendly, highly functional, empowering, and future-proof tool to fulfill any of your decentralized or centralized financial needs — the all-in-one gateway to cryptocurrency. Our Robo advisor is the next generation of analytical tools, AI-powered recommendation systems, and educational materials to help our users navigate all things crypto, make sound and informed decisions.