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The Benefits of the Ethereum Virtual Machine and Future Possibilities

The blockchain ecosystem is rapidly maturing, with technologies like the Ethereum Virtual Machine playing a crucial role in enhancing interoperability and interconnectivity are becoming increasingly smooth. Virtual machines are integral to achieve this, bridging the gap between traditional finance and Web3, enabling the seamless operation of cryptocurrencies. Without them, cryptocurrency would not operate as we know it today. 

What is the Ethereum Virtual Machine?

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) has made the most significant impact in this space. The EVM is a decentralized computing engine at the heart of the Ethereum blockchain. It operates on a network of nodes, executing and syncing code without a central computer. Being Turing-complete, EVM allows developers to write and deploy smart contracts in Solidity, or any other EVM-compatible language. By using a decentralized, secure and versatile computation, the EVM can support decentralized apps (dApps), making it a foundational technology for development in the blockchain ecosystem.

What are some of the current issues?

Before we get to the benefits, it is important to know that EVM faces challenges. Many of the issues that surround the future of EVM sound familiar: scalability and high gas fees. These pain points become increasingly obvious as demands grow. It already struggles during high network usage. This limits large-scale adoption and accessibility for users. It’s not a problem unique to EVM, but it is one that needs to be tackled to enhance its future capabilities. 

The biggest step so far to solving this was the 2022 switch from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS), and aimed to reduce energy consumption and lay the groundwork for future scalability improvements. However, these issues still need to be addressed to enhance the EVM’s capabilities.    

With that in mind, here is a more detailed breakdown of the benefits EVM currently has – and what it could offer in the future.  

Interoperability within the ecosystem 

The EVM was designed for interoperability. Smart contracts can interact seamlessly with each other, creating an interconnected system. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been accelerated as various financial platforms are able to integrate and function alongside and with one another. The financial ecosystem has only become more integrated and therefore more encompassing.  

Decentralized and enhanced security

Unlike traditional centralized systems that rely on a single server, the eVM’s decentralized nature allows smart contracts and dApps to run on a distributed network of nodes. Even if some nodes go offline, or face attacks, applications can continue operating. 

The introduction of the Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (or ZK-EVM) was another huge enhancement for security in the EVM. With ZK-EVM, it is possible to prove the validity of a transaction or of a contract, without revealing any additional information, protecting sensitive data. 


The experimental freedom to be able to create new projects within the EVM network are a huge benefit to the technology. Third-party developers can create dApps, using a wide variety of coding languages, not just EVM’s Solidity. Ethereum’s developer community has created a comprehensive ecosystem of tools, libraries and frameworks that support EVM. With a large community working on creating, testing and deploying smart contracts, EVM is ensuring continuous improvement and innovation. 


The Ethereum Virtual Machine has already changed the blockchain world for the better. While it faces challenges such as scalability and high gas fees, ongoing improvements and a large developer community continue to drive its evolution. Balancing usability with sustainability will be key to its future success, enabling even greater innovation and broader adoption in the blockchain ecosystem.

Author: The blockbank team
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