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Women Invest, Cardano Summit & More

There is no better way to spend your weekend than investing time in sharing knowledge, introducing blockbank to new audiences & building communities.

Founders of blockbank are sharing their personal experiences of what they’ve been up to lately. We’re proud to spread the word about blockbank worldwide: from Toronto, Canada, to Vilnius, Lithuania.

Hear more from Anastasija and Kelghe themselves:

The Future is Female

I have participated at the conference organized by We Invest, the platform with a stellar reputation, founded by a Lithuanian ex-regulator focused on female investors, and Verslo Zinios, the leading business portal in Lithuania.

Being on the panel, we discussed startups, crypto-assets, and NFTs. Such an event was one of the first explicitly organized for women investors. As well as that, we’ve found some interesting numbers: 24% of women do hold crypto assets, and at least another 46% would like to invest but do not know a safe way to do so!

I am beyond excited to be a part of an event and idea of education on a topic that has great importance to myself and the field of digital assets & finance.

Many topics and panels included investments into lending platforms, financial literacy, crowdfunding, and digital assets. Great initiatives, a packed venue, and a remarkable crowd of future investors. It was amazing to see so many women that are long-term holders, active DeFi users, and many beginners in our developing industry.

The Lithuanian Prime Minister (who is also a woman, by the way) was a patron of this conference, actively supporting and participating in the investment topics, making this event an obvious way to show that Lithuania seriously cares about business development and growth.

Lithuania, especially Vilnius became a true startup hub – and rightfully so: it’s filled with experts in various fields, including finance. Kudos to all the entrepreneurs, leaders & experts I met at the conference – let’s build the future together.


Past, Present, and Future of Crypto

I have been invited to the Cardano Summit Toronto Community Event. I’m really excited to be given the opportunity to share my thoughts on the “Past, Present, and Future of Crypto” panel. Being in the industry for more than 10 years, I’ve seen and lived through a lot – it’s amazing to cover the timeline and evolution of the blockchain industry in such an important event.

I’m especially happy to see Cardano Community come together and discuss how we can improve this space. We are all aware of the current market situation, yet there is and will always be hope – the development and growth of their project have not stopped. This specific period is an amazing occasion to build: relationships, communities, and products.

We’re working to stay ahead of the curve – while some may wait for better times, we keep on building; blockbank strives to be a step ahead at all times.


Always going the extra mile

After the release of blockbank V3, we’ve been continuously working to reach and do more: from winning hackcellerators,  to attending conferences, continuing on building the product & partnerships, to always being there for the community.

We believe that in times like these, we have to be present more than ever to ensure you that we’re here for the long run.

The team has been representing blockbank everywhere – Singapore FinTech Festival, Lithuanian Angel Investor Network, Women Invest, Cardano Summit, and AMA’s. Yet representation is a strong tool only when combined with great product – new features, improvements, and updates are coming; stay tuned.

Ask us anything

As for today, tune in to Twitter Spaces AMA with our partners, Unstoppable Domains, where we talk all-things-crypto, web3, and digital identity.
Yet if you don’t make it in time – listen to a recording & follow us on socials to never miss a chance to participate in our next AMA.

Author: The blockbank team
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