Blockbank Integrates Orion.Money’s Native token $ORION into application.

Blockbank Integrates Orion.Money’s Native token $ORION into application.

Blockbank is proud to announce that our existing partnership with Orion Money is being extended to include a number of new developments.

These new developments represent natural extensions of our collaborative efforts first initiated last year. In describing these new projects, Ana Plotnikova, blockbank CEO and Co-Founder stated “We are extremely excited about the partnership with Orion Money. It has been imperative for us to partner with projects that complement our diverse crypto-finance product portfolio align with our values and vision.”

The first step in the integration phase involves Orion Money’s native cryptocurrency token $ORION which is now implemented into the Centralized side of the blockbank platform, providing users the ability to purchase the token directly with the EURO currency as well as USDT.

Users of blockbank’s platform will have the ability to utilize the above via the Orion.Money dApp integration as well as the $ORION token as a deposit for their debit cards. Just like an ordinary debit card, using cryptocurrency debit cards allows users to complete day-to-day transactions. The user will need to activate the smart swap feature with the digital currency of their choice.

Blockbank debit cards offer our customers a number of market-leading advantages including cashback incentives, borrowing and lending options, free virtual cards, and no monthly/yearly fees. To entice new applicants for this card, blockbank will waive its application fee for new applicants and will also waive any transaction fees for the first 90 days.

And finally, developers from Orion Money will be working side by side with blockbank developers in our “sandbox” development environment. Central to these joint development efforts will be the integration of the Orion Money dApp into the blockbank mobile and web applications.

Vol Pigruth, Co-Founder of Orion Money, summarized the benefits of these joint efforts as follows: “We’re very happy to partner with blockbank as both our projects work for the same goal – to bring financial independence and passive income for our users. By working together Orion Money will benefit from more ways to trade $ORION token, access to blockbank debit card and other useful features.”

If you want a deeper dive into the Orion Money dApp, check out our previous blockbank update.

About Orion Money

Orion Money’s vision is to become a cross-chain stablecoin bank providing seamless and frictionless stablecoin saving, lending, and spending. Within the Orion Money stablecoin bank, we have three main products planned — Orion Saver, Orion Yield and Insurance, and Orion Pay. Orion Money uniquely brings high yields from Terra to users on Ethereum protocol in easy-to-use dApps.

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