New Tokens & why you should care about it

It’s been a busy few weeks for the blockbank team! We’re more than happy to announce the extension of our partnerships with Orion Money, Mercor, PureFi, and Derived on the blockbank platform. 

Orion Money, Mercor, PureFi, and Derived are projects that were existing partners of blockbank, and we’re ready to take new partnerships to the next level. 


How Partnerships affect you and other blockbankers

The integration of Orion Money, Mercor, PureFi, and Derived native tokens into the application was the subsequent development for the projects. You can now buy, trade, and stake $ORION on the blockbank platform in just a few clicks. 

Depending on your tier, you can stake the newly-added assets and earn up to 10% APY. Learn more about our tier system here. 

In addition, you will have the ability to utilize Orion, Money dApp integration, and the $ORION token as a deposit for our debit cards. 

Blockbank’s crypto card is like an ordinary debit card. Using cryptocurrency debit cards allows users to complete day-to-day transactions. To begin using the card, you will need to activate the smart swap feature with the digital currency of your choices, such as $ORION. With our new token integrations and our crypto card, it leads the way for blockbank to become a major player in the crypto space. One step at a time, we’ll spill more information about the cards soon.

Establishing strategic partnerships is one of our key tactics for success as we continue to move forward with our vision to be the one place for all things crypto. With these new tokens and projects on board, we look forward to welcoming more projects to the blockbank application. The blockbank team has more in store for the upcoming year, especially with the recent release of Europe’s premier crypto card sign-up being live. You can sign up for our blockbank’s crypto card here.


What do the partnerships mean to blockbank 

Like all great partnerships, there is something to gain on both sides. And, like all partnerships, careful thought needs to go into considering potential partners to ensure a healthy & mutually beneficial relationship. That means identifying ways to bridge service gaps and opportunities between our project and theirs, working towards a common goal, and leaning into each other’s communities for mutual growth and support.

Blockbank welcomes its new partners and is hoping that the addition of our new tokens being listed will create additional excitement for our community. Progress such as this is what blockbank has been promising you all along. We know that these partnerships and integrations provide our community with more options and choices regarding what they hold in their wallets. Additionally, these integrations provide our community with more significant opportunities to make the yield on your investments. The tokens of $ORION offer you up to a 10% annual percentage on your yield with many more to come. As we are a transparent project, we will continue to keep you updated on each development of project integration as they take place. 

Blockbank entered the space with zero partnerships, and we are now up to over 25 partnerships. Partnerships like these cannot be understated. We anticipate more throughout the year as the blockbank team is in discussions with other projects to broaden our services. Our vision is still the same; to make blockbank your go-to app for all things crypto and more. 

If you have any questions or comments about our new partners, please reach out to us on our telegram channel

Learn more about the projects:

Orion Money

Orion Money is a new cryptocurrency savings platform and DeFi ecosystem designed to enable users to maximize their yields on their stablecoins. Orion Money is poised to deliver a cross-chain bank for stablecoins and a hub of DeFi products that help users do more with their assets.


Mercor is the first and only DeFi platform that offers algorithmic copy trading. Connect, select, and invest in algorithms created by leading hedge funds, talented developers, and crypto enthusiasts.


PureFi is an analytics tool for various crypto projects to understand its token’s on-chain state (amount of holders, coins on hand, organic vs. artificial volume, etc.) 


Decentralised Multi-Chain Asset Protocol giving users the access to trade Stocks, Commodities, Forex or Crypto on a single platform with unlimited liquidity and no slippage.


blockbank’s vision is to create an all-in-one crypto application that simplifies the user experience without compromising security, privacy, or decentralization