BlockBank Weekly Newsletter — Edition #30 (2021 Yearly Review)

Dear BlockBankers
Welcome to BlockBank’s Weekly Newsletter Edition #30

Year in Review

Year in Review
2021 was a big year for BlockBank! Lots of milestones were achieved by the team. We are looking forward to 2022.
Check out this video for a glimpse of what our year looked like!

– Record breaking $BBANK Token Launch on BSCPAD/Paid ignition
– Single Asset Staking went live on Website in June
– BlockBank’s Native $BBANK Token Lists on first CEX — Gate.IO
– BlockBank V2 Launched V2 Live BETA Application in November!
– BlockBank launched in-app staking (Earn up to 10% on BTC/ETH/USDT/USDC/BNB) & 20% on $BBANK
– BlockBank acquired a significant share of GenBlock Financial. This allows GenBlock to use BlockBank’s technology to service clients in the United States and Canada.
– BlockBank acquired the Central Reserve Bank Bitcoin license for use in El Salvador.
We are thankful for our partners and investors who are making BlockBank possible!
This is only the beginning for BlockBank
– Debit Cards will be launching soon, and more partnerships and exchanges coming soon!

BlockBank Listed on BitMart

BlockBank is excited to announce that the native $BBANK token will be listed on BitMart. The following trading pair will be available: BBANK/USDT.
Please note the available dates for different functions below:
Deposit feature: 12/27/2021 11:00 AM (EST)
Trade feature: 12/29/2021 11:00 AM (EST)
Withdrawal feature: 12/30/2021 11:00 AM (EST)
It’s been two listings for BlockBank in a number of days. We have a few more up our sleeves for 2022 too. So stay tuned!!!


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BlockBank Paying Out Rewards On Weekly Basis

– Staking Interest will be sent out every Monday moving forward!
– Users have been credited for this week, so keep an eye out on your deposit emails.
– Total amount of interest earned will still appear on the staking portfolio.

Meme Competition

Congratulations to this week’s winner @Crypto_Legendd! We’ve had lots of great contenders for this competior and are happy to announce we will be running it for two more weeks. So pop your thinking caps on and get cracking!
Instructions are easy!

Create a meme and submit it in our contest form below for your chance to win!

Happy New Year from the BlockBank Team

On behalf of the BlockBank Team, we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year!

BlockBank is coming towards the end of our first year — Beginning our journey with the token launch, CEX listings, partnerships & integration announcements. In April, we launched our token and exceeded our expectations. It doesn’t end there.

Additionally, our native $BBANK token listing on (global top 10 cryptocurrency exchange — USDT, ETH, & BTC Pairs) was a big milestone as this expanded our user-base by 50%. As well as launching our very own V2 Live Beta Application this November — drastically expanded our DeFi & CeFi functionality. This launch was just part of the roadmap that will push BlockBank ahead of its competitors, leading the way for ‘The Future of Banking!

                                                 . . .

About BlockBank

BlockBank bridges the gap and strives to provide our users with frictionless integration between traditional financial systems and CeDeFi. In short — we are bringing the full banking experience to CeDeFi.

We are a user-friendly, highly functional, empowering, and future-proof tool to fulfill any of your decentralized or centralized financial needs — the all-in-one gateway to cryptocurrency. Our Robo advisor is the next generation of analytical tools, AI-powered recommendation systems, and educational materials to help our users navigate all things crypto, make sound and informed decisions