blockbank Weekly Newsletter — Edition #33

Dear blockbankers — Welcome to blockbank’s Newsletter #33

blockbank appoints Bob Calabritto as Chief Marketing Officer

We are excited to announce that we have Bob Calabritto joining the blockbank team as Chief Marketing Officer. We are ramping up our communication and business strategies to make a huge impact for blockbank and you, our community. We understand things have been a bit quiet but hold tight, because we are working around the clock in developing our products, services, and utilities to be market leaders very soon.

We will have more news next week about our marketing road map. We can say this, now is the time to get that exciting feeling in your stomach that you are part of something that’s got a great future ahead of it.

Bob is preparing a video message to share with the community next week.

More news soon!

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iOS Update — BlockBank Application

Hello iOS users!

As many of you know, Apple is not accepting our latest iOS update. We are working around the clock to get this fixed and are in communication with Apple.

We have something special planned as a small token of thanks to current token holders in the community.

We appreciate your patience, and we’ll update you as soon as an update will be available.

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We are proud of the partnerships we have created in the past year. We are looking forward to welcoming new partners. Stay tuned for updates as we continue on our journey to be the future of banking!

If you’d like to read about our plans with each partner — feel free to access our medium channel below!

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About BlockBank

BlockBank bridges the gap and strives to provide our users with frictionless integration between traditional financial systems and CeDeFi. In short — we are bringing the full banking experience to CeDeFi.

We are a user-friendly, highly functional, empowering, and future-proof tool to fulfill any of your decentralized or centralized financial needs — the all-in-one gateway to cryptocurrency. Our Robo advisor is the next generation of analytical tools, AI-powered recommendation systems, and educational materials to help our users navigate all things crypto, make sound and informed decisions