blockbank Weekly Newsletter — Edition #34

Welcome to blockbank’s Weekly Newsletter Edition #34

North America here we come — ish! Partnership with GenBlock opens the door for N. American market.

With its new management team in place, blockbank is once again excited to announce a partnership acquisition of GenBlock Financial, which currently holds a Money Service Business License in Canada.

As blockbank’s partner, GenBlock Financial can empower North American investors to seek greater yields within the rapidly advancing decentralized financial space, with a focus on compliance without compromising our devotion to security, privacy, or decentralization.

Genblock Financial is specifically tailored for users across the United States and Canada. GenBlock Financial will function as a fully-regulated, all-inclusive mobile application for North America that combines traditional and digital financial tools with AI-driven analysis in a single interface, to offer users seamless movement between DeFi and CeFi investing services.

Going forward in the partnership, Genblock Financial will enable blockbank to cater to its North American community much the same way blockbank services Europe and Australia.

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Growth Brings Leadership Moves Benefiting Blockbank and GenBlock. Kelghe Set to Head GenBlock in North America, Ana Takes Reigns Of Blockbank.

blockbank is excited to share changes in our leadership! We have appointed business and legal veteran and blockbank founder, Anastasija Plotnikova, as our Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Ana replaces blockbank founder, Kelghe D’Cruz, who will transition over to our partner company, GenBlock Financial, based in Toronto, Canada.

“As blockbank enters a new chapter that will see exciting new milestones reaching for 2022 and beyond, Anastasija is the perfect leader to help our platform reach its maximum potential and solidify blockbank as a pioneer in the DeFi and CeFi spaces,” said Kelghe.

Kelghe’s expertise and leadership will help guide GenBlock Financial’s focus and strategy on the North American front.

Best of luck to Ana and Kelghe! We believe that their experience, insight, and enthusiasm will take blockbank and our partner GenBlock Financial to new heights.

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Gateway to Europe! Blockbank’s Lithuanian License Granted!

blockbank is pleased to announce that we’ve strengthened our operations within the European Union via our newly acquired Lithuanian cryptocurrency exchange and depository wallet operator license. This license acquisition clears the way for blockbank’s success in Europe.

We are especially proud of this, as our newly appointed CEO, Anastasija Plotnikova, hails from Lithuania, and blockbank is headquartered in the capital city of Vilnius.

As the year unfolds, we anticipate growth as a result of this acquisition. Please stay tuned on our social channel to keep up to date!

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Versions Versions Everywhere — But which are we in?

Seeking to clear the confusion regarding blockbank’s version, we’d like you to know blockbank is still in beta version. We are in our second update of the beta version and are looking forward to exiting out of beta altogether (very, very soon). The main reason for us identifying previous versions as non-beta is a matter of the requirements of the platforms, which does not allow “beta” versions to be deployed.

That said, the absolute proper and revamped V1 is in development. More on that soon. Thanks for your patience as we grow, improve and create what we hope will be an industry-leading set of products and services!

Please reach out to our customer support if you have any questions.

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