blockbank Weekly Newsletter — Edition #36

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Feb 4 – Feb 10

  • Meet our CTO, Dima Radin! Meet one of the players behind blockbank! Learn more about our CTO in his bio and Q&A session!
  • Lots of Yield Opportunities on blockbank Platform. Staking is a perfect opportunity to compound your investments!
  • A Temporary New Look for the blockBank Website! Keep your eyes out for an improved website design coming next week. The temporary fix will serve as a stop-gap improvement before we launch our shiny new ecosystem later this year.
  • AMA Session Coming Soon! You have questions, we have answers. Let’s do this!
  • Is Crypto Now a Form of Currency in Russia? It looks like Russia is joining India in the latest merry-go-round of governmental crypto adoption.

Meet Dima, our CTO

As the saying goes, behind every great man, is a great woman. It can also be said that behind every great crypto project, there is a great CTO. We here at blockbank couldn’t agree more.

Dima Radin, our Chief Technology Officer, is the maestro of all things development for us here at blockbank as we continue to deploy milestones from our roadmap.

Before joining blockbank, Dima was a government advisor on decentralization with the Crypto Economy Organisation, a not-for-profit representing crypto professionals and blockchain companies.

Always on the lookout for new features to benefit blockbank, he has a sharp eye for everything going on in the industry, from market influences to breakthroughs in innovation and technology.

Blockbank is committed to developing further enhancements. Check out next week’s newsletter as we profile yet another team member making great things happen for our project.

Staking is a perfect opportunity to compound your investments. Our staking program offers weekly rewards regardless of what tier you are in. Rewards are automatically deposited into your wallet every Monday. We’d say that’s a good way to start the week! Of course, we’d like to encourage you to keep your assets with us. This is the best way to maximize your yield. If you keep on staking, time after time, the rewards are huge!

Not only can you stake our native token, $BBANK, you can also stake popular assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, USDT, and BNB for up to 10%! You can pick what is best for you and your wallet. The longer you stake, the higher your yield will be. Choose from 30 days, three months, or six months maturities.

Let’s do the math! With less than 5K $BBANK in your wallet, you’ll earn 2% APY on $BBANK and staked tokens. 5K plus of $BBANK, you’ll be rewarded with 6% APY on $BBANK and 4% on other assets. Of course, the more $BBANK you have, the more you will earn. If you have 25K $BBANK you’ll have the APY of 9% on it and 6% on other staked assets.

We have two exclusive tiers for those holding a large amount of $BBANK. If you have 100K of $BBANK, you can expect 12% APY and 8% on other assets. If you are holding more than 500K in $BBANK, you’ll earn 20% APY on your $BBANK and 10% on your other staked tokens! Using your $BBANK, you can earn big rewards! These numbers are all if you staking for the maximum length, 6 months.

How does it work? The mechanics are straightforward and user-friendly. Rewards are being distributed based on the APY. This means that when a $BBANK participant locks X amounts of tokens, for Y amount of blocks they will receive: X*Y*(% per block) rewards.

So what are you waiting for? Stake some assets today!


Exciting things are on the horizon at blockbank. Getting there couldn’t come sooner. In the meantime, to attract more users and expand as a project, blockbank continues to find ways of gaining market share in an ever-competitive field. Along with many of the other improvements recently announced by blockbank, we will launch a temporary website next week that serves as an improvement of the current website and a stopgap between now and when we launch our completely revamped ecosystem later this year.

We are excited to enter this new phase as we continue to customize our design reflecting a more professional, user-friendly, and sleek platform.

We’re excited that our live chats are back! We value our community, your feedback in particular, and have missed the talks we share. As always, we want to be transparent. So have your questions and comments ready for us!

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated as to when the chats begin again!

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Is Crypto Now a Form of Currency in Russia?

The Russian government has announced plans this week for the regulation of cryptocurrencies. This move is legitimatizing a $2 trillion asset class in the world’s 11th largest economy!

According to the government, Russian citizens own over 12 million cryptocurrency accounts, with roughly 2 trillion rubles ($26.7 billion) worth of crypto. Previously the Russian Central Bank did not support this and wanted to outlaw mining and trading.

With India’s major regulator cloud being lifted last week this makes Russia the second country in the global crypto market to have its cloud lifted in a month!

This has us wondering, what country is next?

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