blockbank Weekly Newsletter — Edition #37

Hello, blockbankers –

Great news today about the updated Android app. Don’t worry iOS users, we have your update hot on its heels. We aren’t saying anything official here and now, but we wouldn’t be surprised if some more good news is heading your way next week – maybe a new website looks even?

As many of you may have noticed, we are testing a few different ideas with the look and feel of this newsletter. Our goal is a continued improvement with all communication, so you are updated, informed, and excited about what’s happening and what’s to come here at blockbank.

With the onboarding additions to our leadership team, our marketing team, and our development team, we are cruising full steam ahead with organizational growth and a path forward to what’s going to be an incredible 2022.

The situation in Ukraine has been dominating the headlines. We all hope for a peaceful outcome on that front. In the markets, we saw price action playing favorably towards the upside with BTC and ETH in the green on the 7-day. If it has been a crypto winter – are these signs of a warming up? We all hope so.

Remember that time watching all those amazing projects skyrocket and those conversations you had with your mates “I could have gotten in that coin when it was below $.10” .. erm … Download the app now.  Get some $BBANK in your wallet.

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Featured news this week @ blockbank

Feb 11 – Feb 18

  • Android Receives Significant Update! We are getting closer to our full vision. Great improvements in this update. And, Android users can now buy $BBANK with Euro and 2FA now available.
  • The Power of Partnerships. Great partnerships are a sign of great projects. We are proud of the partners we have and are aiming to add great value with more to come.
  • Ready or not, here comes the Super Apps! All-in-one. One-stop-shop. Super apps are here – and blockbank is one of them!
  • South Korea: The Future of Crypto Neo Banking? Another Crypto Exchange-Bank Partnership Highlights S. Korea’s Move to Neo Banking Banking.
  • Binance Smart Chain and Binance Chain become BNB Chain. More developments this week in the crypto world as Binance goes under the umbrella of BNB Chain.

Big Features Added to Android App

Purchase $BBANK with Euro & 2FA now available

Blockbank’s development team has been hard at work fixing bugs and moving forward with the development of additional features that we have all been waiting for!

We are proud to announce that Android users now have the capability to deposit and withdraw funds via the Euro currency directly via the blockbank application! Don’t fret iOS users, your improvements are coming quickly in turn.

Besides the added Euro feature, our development team has now implemented an extra layer of security known as two-factor authentication via the google authenticator application among many minor fixes which include:

  • Password reset feature
  • DeFi Swap fixes
  • Defi Confirmation step
  • UI/UX improvements

Power of Partnerships

Towards the end of last year, our Business Development Team was tasked with partnering with some of the best projects in the crypto industry, and we managed to do just that. We consider establishing strategic partnerships as one of our key tactics for success as we continue to move forward with our vision to be the one place for all things crypto.

Like all great partnerships, there is something to gain on both sides. And, also like all partnerships, careful thought needs to go into considering potential partners in order to ensure a healthy, mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. For us that means identifying ways to bridge service gaps and opportunities between our project and theirs, working towards a common goal, and leaning into each other’s communities for mutual growth and support.

Protocols are an integral part of our application – broadening our user base & expanding the two main components of our application ranging from the availability of dApps in DeFi to the wide variety of tokens that can be offered on the centralized side. Binance Smart Chain & Ethereum have seen a huge uptrend in users over the last few years. This has incentivized other amazing projects to come into the picture, such as Avalanche, Elrond & Polygon which are on our high priority list of integrations.

We already have great partnerships with Circle, Orion Money, Fireblocks, Chainlink, Digibyte, Litecoin & many more, and we look forward to continuing adding to that list and reaping the mutual benefit of these long and prosperous relationships.

Check out our DeFi offerings and get a glimpse of our partner profile. Go DeFi

Ready or Not, Here Comes the Super Apps

All-in-one, one-stop platforms are emerging as the preferred model for digital-based companies to offer their goods and services to their users. This is especially true for companies that have a portfolio of products and services, as we do at blockbank. It was only a matter of time before a fitting moniker was assigned to these multi-service apps. And so, we now have the rise of the super app.

Arguably, the first app penned as a super app was China’s communication platform We Chat, which merged vertical services within their eco system, starting first with text message communication, then bringing in VOIP, social media management and eCommerce. The idea, of course, is to create a single platform that users can interact with to cater to all their digital needs.

Our vision for blockbank is for us to be the leading crypto super app where our users can do all things crypto within our ecosystem. Check out this blog post that speaks a bit more about super apps and our vision.

Binance Smart Chain and Binance Chain Become Binance Chain?
It doesn’t seem that long ago that global crypto adoption was the hot topic of concern for just about anyone within and outside the crypto community. Whilst we are certainly haven’t arrived at even a fraction of the numbers that are inevitable, it’s becoming easy to be immune to the small victories taking place around the world as incremental adoption and regulation agreements are being struck. News out of South Korea this week is proof on point that crypto is slowing but surely making headway into neo banking market share.

The crypto exchange Gopax has just come to an agreement with Jeonbuk Bank to allow customers to interact with fiat assets. It’s an important development for both Gopax and Jeonbuk as it serves both organizations’ vision for future development. For Jeobuk, it would appear that they are eyeing to become a true neo bank, like its competitor K-bank, which has a partnership with the crypto exchange Upbit, one of the top four exchanges in S.Korea.

Partnerships of this sort, which see traditional banking institutions merge with crypto exchanges, are becoming recognized as a sure-fire way to grow the customer base for organizations involved. Whilst partnerships as such are met with trepidation by certain firms, citing security risk, pioneering banks such as Jeobuk and K-Bank seem to already be reaping the benefits of being bold.

All of which is great news for the infiltration of crypto into the traditional banking sector and the transformation from traditional banking to neo banking. Read more here