blockbank Weekly Newsletter — Edition #38

Hello blockbankers –

A whole lot is shaking in Vilnius now as a contingent of our Belarus-based dev and tech experts have converged on our headquarters to brainstorm, team build, and work their magic with our Lithuanian-based team and our CTO Dima. It’s a lot of brainpower. Amazing results are sure to come.

Would you look at that! As mentioned previously, we made a few changes to improve the look of the website. It’s now live. Keep in mind, a full ecosystem revamp is in the works. This look is a temporary measure to improve the previous look. It’s already making a big difference for our traffic.

Ask us anything! We have an AMA coming up. The new format is designed to allow you to get your questions answered and to hear what we have to say no matter where you are in the world. So get those questions in.

Did you know that there are plenty of Fiat options within our ecosystem? Unsure the ins and out of stable coins? Read on below. We have you covered.

No update from Apple on the iOS situation just yet. We are aware of their final code request and have submitted the fix. Fingers crossed by this time next week, we will have both Android and Apple iOS on equal footing.

As a reminder, if you’re not holding $BBANK token, or haven’t downloaded the app, now is the time. The market and our price are not going to stay this low. Tell your friends, tell your parents, tell strangers on the streets, “blue horseshoe loves $BBANK”.  Enjoy the newsletter, stay safe, follow our channels. We want to hear from you.

Featured news this week @ blockbank

Feb 19 – Feb 25

  • We’ve Hosted our First Tech Summit! Big week for us with all of our developers in one space brainstorming new ideas and planning for our next updates. Stay tuned as we have a lot more to come.
  • Website Improvements are Live! It’s finally live and we are excited for you to get your eyes on it! This is just one of the first things are marketing team is tweaking.
  • Time to Stake Stablecoins! Bitcoin may be down, but don’t forget about stablecoins! We’re excited to tell you more about these stable and safe assets. Download our app to stake them now for up to 10%.
  • AMA Update! We have more details for you about our AMA. We’re looking forward to answering all of your questions!

We’ve Hosted our First Tech Summit!

This past week we hosted an in-house tech summit that saw our expert developers from around  Europe fly into our headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania to do what they do best. The gathering was a great opportunity for the group to get into a room and work out some amazing ideas on how to keep improving our products and services. As we continue to host these summits, it’s helping us get closer to our vision to be the one place for all things crypto.

These tech summits allow our experts to have inspiring innovative ideas and groundbreaking goals that will continue to help us radically transform the way we live in this HyFi world. We’re proud of our developers and can’t wait for our community to see what we are planning next!

“It’s an amazing moment to have all our developers in one place.” commented our Darren Franceschini Co-Founder of blockbank

The team focused on improving development protocols and workflow, the development of new products and services, our A.I. integration, as well as a slew of other solutions and initiatives. Keep your eyes peeled here in a few weeks as we present a full dev/tech overview.

New Website Improvements are Live!

After late nights and lots of coffee, we are pleased to announce that we’ve made some improvements to our current website. While the majority of these changes are aesthetic only, we feel that it is a step in the right direction and the beginning of the new chapter that we have planned for 2022.

Not only is it a new chapter for us, but also for our partners. This new design will help us continue to grow our network of exchanges and projects. We’re now a more approachable and desirable project. Our partners are beyond crucial to our success and growth. With this website and the next, partnering with us is something they can be proud of. This website is giving us the fuel we need to be the very best project out there.

Last but not least, this is a new and exciting chapter for you, our community. We are looking forward to continuing to grow with you at our side. We want you to know we value your opinions and suggestions. Feel free to head to our discord channel and let us know what you think of our new website and what you’d like to see on the next.

We will continue to make incremental changes that will improve the site even more. The next big implementation will be our updated blog section, which will get blockbank’s website located easier on search engines thus increasing our SEO success. Exciting news for everyone.

“A blog with useful content directly on our website portrays to the blockbank community that what they are reading is from a trusted source,” says blockbank Business Development Manager, Gabriel Hiris. “Providing our partners with a voice when certain announcements of updates and integrations are to be communicated is something we are very keen on,” he continued.

Time to Stake Stablecoins!

It’s an exciting time to recognize the value of stablecoins. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are inherently designed to mimic the value of another underlying asset. This could be an alternate cryptocurrency, fiat money, or an exchange-traded commodity such as gold. Buying or swapping into stablecoins is a great way to hedge the volatility of traditional cryptocurrencies.

Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC) are two examples that are considered safe investments, especially when there is a bearish sentiment in the market like we’re currently seeing. Since stablecoins don’t increase in value over time, the only way to see growth in a stablecoin account is through staking and interest growth. Blockbank offers up to 10% APY on your USDT and USDC! By staking your stable assets with blockbank, you can go to sleep comfortably knowing your money is 100 percent secure, and your assets are earning interest.

Stablecoins are playing an important role in today’s cryptocurrency markets. They are designed to hold steady, or should we say…stable. What better place to store them than with us at blockbank. In this bear market, you’re able to compound your investments with us as we provide weekly payments directly into your wallet! We not only have the vision of being the one place for all things crypto, but we also have the vision of helping you make money easily and safely. So let’s stake and spread the word of stablecoins during these unsettling days in the crypto world. What are you waiting for? Stake and grow with blockbank today.