Blockbank — Weekly Review #20

Dear BlockBankers
Welcome to BlockBank’s Weekly Newsletter Edition #20

Blockbank Partners With Hardware Wallet Manufacturer BCVault!

BlockBank has struck a deal with Slovenian cold storage crypto hardware wallet manufacturer, BCVault. They are regarded as the premium build cold storage wallet makers in the space and highly rated among the crypto-space. BCVault proudly produces everything from start to finish on the hardware and software side of the wallet in-house! For a critical security piece like a cold storage wallet, this is an absolute bonus as it ensures absolutely every component of the wallet is quality controlled by them!

Check out their products below!
BCVault Website

Our AI Bot Is In Training!

We’re around the corner from Blockbank releasing its V2 application. The developer team is working hard behind the scenes, features are being implemented and tested, and our Robo-Advisor is in training mode, but what can we expect from it?

One of Blockbank’s main features and advantages within the market is its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robo Advisor. As we continue to develop and get ready for the release of the new V2 application, we are also developing and helping to train our AI bot. Along with Cefi, Defi, and staking as well as our debit card program, the Robo-advisor will assist you in all financial decisions.