Blockbank — Weekly Review #21

Dear BlockBankers
Welcome to BlockBank’s Weekly Newsletter Edition #21

Blockbank’s V2 Application Is Just Days Away!!!

BlockBank has been busy getting all the last pieces put in place before our big launch. V2 is launching within days & it will be announced with a full publication and guide on the new app and its features.
We will have CeFi, DeFi, In-App staking as well as DApps launching from day one! Updates will come weekly as we implement new features and integrate our partners’ ecosystems.

Marketing is the next front we are putting heavy resources towards as we will be launching a big advertisement campaign across many crypto tracking websites! Keep your eyes out for our banners on your favourite sites!

Price Predictions Now Integrated!

Our AI bot now has price prediction features integrated into it! Our developers have integrated a prediction algorithm for the major crypto assets. Every hour, during the first 25 minutes you will be able to ask our bot for a prediction on your favourite crypto asset and the bot will advise a prediction of price movement.

To ask our bot for price predictions, follow the format below:
Price prediction [asset]
Price [asset]
Top Gainers
Top Losers

Try it on our website below!
Try AI Bot hosts Orion.Money!

Blockbank is proud to announce our new partnership with Orion Money. BlockBank users will be able to access this dApp directly from our application. Orion Money’s vision is to become a cross-chain stablecoin bank providing seamless and frictionless stablecoin saving, lending, and spending. Within the Orion Money stablecoin bank, they have three main products planned — Orion Saver, Orion Yield and Insurance, and Orion Pay.
Watch our podcast session on to see what the Orion.Money team discusses with the Blockbank team!

Watch Now!

We Are Moving To In-App Staking!

As V2 launches, our website staking will come to a close. Those participating in the VIP NFT competition SHOULD NOT withdraw their $BBANK tokens until after the 8th Nov 1300 UTC. This will ensure your entry to the competition remains valid and your chance to win the VIP NFT is still in place.

V2 will host all staking moving forward. We will be publishing a guide on our official channels for all users to be on-boarded to our new app seamlessly.