Blockbank — Weekly Review #22

Dear  Blockbanker,

Welcome to BlockBank’s Weekly Newsletter Edition #22

V2 Is Finally Here!

After long-awaited months of building and developing our app is finally ready for you to download and start using!
BlockBank will provide its users an all-inclusive platform, combining the best of DeFi and CeFi through a secure, private, and user-friendly experience. Meticulously developed for 4 months, BlockBank’s mobile application includes game-changing features including AI technology, banking, and a personalized Robo Advisor to craft a curated experience for each user — from crypto veterans to the crypto-curious.

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Blockbank Beta v2.0.2

Every Thursday our developers plan to update V2 with bugs and fixes that our community find on a weekly basis!
What’s new in this version: (iPhone & Android)
*Pending Store approval

– Minor text and UI corrections
– Fixed staking APY depiction of other assets
– Updated staking Terms and Conditions
– Staking page refreshes automatically after new staking
– Launch of the Referral Campaign
– Improved login and signup forms
– Improved KYC streaming screens
– EUR currency trading enabled
– Home button now returns user to the primary screen
– Improved backend communication

Android Update

Dapp browser has been now upgraded:
– Network Selection (ETH or BSC),
– Token Approval addition
– Simultaneously use more than one Dapp.
Next week we plan to implement:
– Any token receipt and flawless import by the ticker
– Automatic defi balance monitoring of all/any tokens (if you receive any legit token it will be detected and shown in portfolio)
– Version check (users will receive notification about new versions and if versions have major fixes, users will be forced to upgrade the app)
– Dapp Browser for iOS


There is a lot going on with developing our app and staking also. We are currently offering in-app staking to KYC users. Please remember if you are still in the VIP NFT competition, you will need to continue staking until November 8th 1300 UTC. After which we encourage everyone to download the application and head to the CeFi section to stake your tokens.

Tokens Locked: 65.6m
Total Locked Value: $8.1m
Annual Payout: $1.96m

Blockbank App Roadmap!
A snippet from our article about V2 outlines our progress and development moving forward after launch.
There is still much work to be done and we will be updating frequently as we continue to build and integrate all of our partners’ ecosystems. The building doesn’t stop.

Blockbank V2 launches on iOS!

Blockbank is proud to announce after submitting for review on the Apple app store — we are officially live!
You can now download and enjoy our V2 application on Android & iOS! Weekly updates are still on-going and we are collecting feedback from the community as well as continually testing internally to resolve any bugs or user issues.

Blockbank VIP NFT Competition Coming To A Close

Blockbank has been running a VIP NFT staking competition and has seen an overwhelming amount of investors stake their tokens to increase their chances of winning this NFT. What this will mean is if you hold this NFT in your wallet, you will get access to all of the VIP benefits as if you were holding 500k BBANK tokens.
It is important to keep staking your tokens up until November 8th, 1300 UTC. Once this window closes, we will be counting all the valid entries to the competition and making a draw. Each token staked will be an entry into the competition. There will be one draw, if it is confirmed to be valid, they will be announced as the winner. If it is not valid for some reason, we will redraw until we find a valid winner.
May the best blockbanker win!