Blockbank — Weekly Review #23

Dear BlockBankers
Welcome to BlockBank’s Weekly Newsletter Edition #23

Full Unlock & Stake For Private Investors!

On behalf of the Blockbank leadership team, we would like to thank our investors for their participation, support, and trust in BlockBank. We have come a long way since the token launch. V2 is out now, and we will continue to build on the application.

November is going to be a big month for us. We will be featured on major financial news television in the United States, as well as some other surprises.

We are distributing a FINAL amount of tokens meaning all remaining tokens will be released as per the unlock schedule. They will be deposited to our CeFi infrastructure and staked at the highest (VIP) tier so our investors can get the highest yield on their tokens while they wait for the unlock. All tokens will continue to earn 20% until March 26, 2022.
If you are a private sale investor, you will have to follow the steps below to claim your remaining tokens in app!

Blockbank Beta v2.0.3

Every Thursday our developers plan to update V2 with bugs and fixes that our community find on a weekly basis!
What’s new in this version: (iPhone & Android)
*Pending Apple Store approval*
– Dapp Browser for iOS/Dapp browser fixes for Android
– Minor bugs and improvements/transaction history fix, blog button fix
– EUR trading enabled/ application is not crashing anymore, though deposits will be enabled in the next release
– App version control/notifications about new version available
– KYC improvement and notifications/users will be notified about the reason if the application declined also the flow should be more stable
– Token detection feature/each time wallet is imported and/or app launched, it will check all the balances available and if new tokens will be detected they will be automatically imported from Coingecko (token list is limited to Coingecko database which has more than 10K of entries and continuously growing)
– Custom token import / User can add custom token by entering contract address in settings
– EUR currency trading enabled
– Minor Staking UI improvements

Blockbank Referral System Goes Live!

What better way to boost our userbase than rewards for anyone that joins?

Blockbank has officially launched the referral system that will be at the core of incentivizing new users to join. Current users will also be incentivized to tell others and earn by doing so! It’s very simple actually. Any current user can refer and earn by simply providing their referral code to the new user.

The above infographic explains the process from start to finish.

It doesn’t stop there, however! For all avid Blockbank supporters, there is another step you can take to further your rewards with Blockbank, by becoming an ambassador!

Blockbank Ambassador Program!

BlockBank is proud to announce the launch of an engaging ambassador program to continue its commitment to developing and maintaining a close connection with the valuable community.

Best of all, the program is open to everyone! By completing exciting tasks to help grow the BlockBank platform, ambassadors will be rewarded with BlockBank’s native BBANK token.

Plus, as ambassadors earn $BBank, they will have the flexible options of 1- spending tokens to purchase BlockBank merchandise, 2- staking tokens, or 3- withdrawing tokens to their non-custodial BlockBank wallets.

A lucky wallet has won our #VIPNFT competition!!!

The winner of the VIP NFT has come forward to claim their prize. As they wish to remain anonymous, we respect that decision and will not be revealing his identity.

For transparency of the competition, we will be recording a session where we will hand over the NFT to their address and have the winner on audio for their comments on the project and their prize.

The winner of this NFT will get VIP status for Life in the Blockbank ecosystem! Partying face To claim this NFT — Please DM our Twitter!