blockbank Weekly Review — #43

Some cool stuff happened this week, and there is no one else we’d be more proud to tell it all to than you. Dive into our new partnerships and sneak peek into what we’ve done in Q1.

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!NEW: Mercor Token on blockbank

Our existing partnership with Mercor just got upgraded! blockbank integrated the Mercor native token, $MRCR, as a CeFi token integration on the blockbank platform. You can now buy, trade, & stake $MRCR when paired with $USDT.

Stay tuned for more information on yet another exciting partnership opportunity.

blockbank is now available in Spanish & German!

Being a global project, we strive to make our website accessible to as many languages as possible. We’re happy to announce that our website is now available in English, Spanish, and German. Our development team is working on translating it into more languages so we can continue to cater to countries across the globe.

What languages do you want to see next?

blockbank Q1

As we are now in the second quarter, we reflect on our significant first quarter accomplishments and would like to thank our fantastic community for being with us.

We’ve released Europe’s premier crypto card sign-up and are now working on getting it in your wallet! The moment you and we have been waiting for! We look forward to the next steps of this release and will be publishing more details on our card shortly. 🚀

The blockbank development team has been busy working on many things to make the blockbank project the best out there. To name a few: we’ve integrated new tokens in DeFi, such as $ORION and $MRCR, added 2FA authorization for a higher level of security, and updated wallet management to make it easier for you and your wallet.

We’re excited about updates that are already in progress. We couldn’t have done this without the talents in our team and the blockbankers community that motivates us to push ourselves to do better. Grateful and with heads full of ideas — that’s how we’re heading into Q2. ” Anastasia, CEO of blockbank.

blockbank 101

Hey, newbies! We’re excited to share our tutorials are now available on our blog to help you understand and master the crypto world. You’ll be able to learn how to stake, deposit, and withdraw euros and bridge in minutes. The blockbank team is working on adding more tutorials to help you navigate through the blockbank and crypto world.

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Use Orion for Euro Transaction

Blockbank’s partnership with Orion Money is continuing to develop. You can now use Orion Money’s native token, $ORION, to complete Euro transactions- deposits and withdrawals!

Outside Europe? Not a problem; if you’re living in another country and would like to deposit money into the blockbank app, you can use third-party services. We’d recommend third parties services such as OFX, WorldRemit & Wise. With these third-party services, users can transfer money within minutes, depending on the amount being transferred from all around the world! You can then use $ORION to complete transactions with these third-party services!

The crypto community comes together to support Ukraine.

We’d love to spread the message of the United Humanitarian Front, who is helping provide aid and support to Ukrainians. UHF accepts crypto donations and helps to provide food, gas, medical equipment, and protective/defensive gear to those in need.

Слава Украине!

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