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Meet AiBB

The most advanced Ai-backed Crypto Application to understand the market, grow wealth and protect investments

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Who is AiBB?

AiBB is blockbank’s native AI guide designed to aggregate and analyze information across markets
allowing users to make easier, more informed and potentially more profitable trades.

Increased Accuracy

AiBB uses advanced algorithms and data analysis to provide more accurate investment information, reducing the chances of human error and increasing the chances of successful investments.

Customized Advice

With its advanced market analysis, AiBB delivers real-time, customized insights tailored to your unique financial goals and risk tolerance, ensuring informed and confident investment decisions

24/7 Availability

Available 24/7, providing convenient and timely access to investment insights and information. It also comes with state-of-the-art security to keep your assets away from possible threats.

Key Features

  • Analyzes the market to allow users to make informed trading decisions – Ai assisted monitoring tool with a pulse/ trend view on the market.
  • Provides a platform to chat, call, send or swap assets with your friends on this encrypted communication platform.
  • Performs deep analytics that constantly monitor the ecosystem and provides our users with info in milliseconds.

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AiBB’s Architecture

AiBB can be broken down into 3 primary components as shown below.

  • Analytics Layer

    Our AI can discern between outliers or incorrect data and return reliable results to users.

  • Exchange Layer

    This layer gathers information from multiple data sources & centralizes them into one action point.

  • Application Layer

    The Application Layer is a decentralized platform that operates as a stand-alone native app.

Common Exchange Trade Cycle vs. AiBB Trade Cycle

AiBB boosts trading efficiency by over 60% while significantly lowering the risks associated with your investment decisions.

Regular Vs. AiBB Trade Cycle

Academics – R&D

We are collaborating with top Canadian universities and colleges, researching Al and
blockchain technology, giving us access to:

  • The brightest students and academic minds in the respective fields

  • Supercomputers and labs to conduct simulations and calculations