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The BlockBank App

We’ve already built a 25,000 strong user base and we manage 100,000,000.00 USD in assets on the BlockBank app. In 2021, we’re revolutionising the business further:


Banking License, Brokerage License, Insurance License allowing us to operate as a fully legal DeFi banking system.

AI Neural Net

Our AI technology is getting its own neural net and is being upgraded beyond the chat application.


Our existing non-custodial wallet allows users to store multi-protocol assets, bridging all future DeFi projects no matter what protocol they are on.

The BlockBank App

Boost your APY from 10% to 30%

Introducing the BANK Token
Powering the BlockBank platform

BANK is our utility token allowing users to benefit from the most advanced rewards program.
Holding BANK in your Blockbank wallet allows you to boost your APY, earn interest on your tokens and support our ecosystem.


Upgrade your reward tier to earn up to 30% APY on your investment.

BANK Interest

Hold BANK in your wallet to earn passive income on your tokens.

Listing in Exchanges

BANK will be listed on Uniswap and other top tier exchanges. It will also be purchased direct in app.

Rewards Tiers

Unlock daily BANK rewards by holding or staking a specific amount of tokens in your BlockBank wallet.


Rewards Calculator

Tap into the expected $1 TRILLION Crypto market

Competitive Landscape



Kelghe D'cruz
Kelghe D’cruz Co-Founder & CEO

“Our AI is going to revolutionize the way banking works. No more high fee, no more high commissions, only opportunities.”

Darren Franceschini
Darren Franceschini Co-Founder & COO

“We are expanding our bridge to traditional finance and redefining how everyone sees DeFi and Mobile Banking”

Anastasija Plotnikova
Anastasija Plotnikova Co-Founder & Legal

“It is time to bring mainstream tools to manage complex yield strategies in DeFi.”

Dunstan Teo
Dunstan Teo Co-Founder & Chief Blockchain Architect

“It’s time you take back control from the big banks and have financial freedom”

Rico Pang
Rico Pang Co-Founder & CIO

“We value your wealth sovereignty. Time to take full control of your own assets and enjoy life in true abundance!”

Priyanka Nadkarni
Priyanka Nadkarni Marketing Advisor

“There’s no doubt that DeFi is the future of “money” – who you trust to enter this dynamic marketplace is what’s important to new investors.”

Baba Nadimpalli
Baba Nadimpalli Head of AI

“We are at the crossroads of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies and we are paving the path forward”

Investors and Partners


Tap into the expected $1 TRILLION Crypto market


BlockBanc – Non-Banking APP

Our current Non-Banking App is available globally on the Apple App and Google Play store now.

    Non-Custodial Wallet
    Uniswap Trading Portal
    Portfolio Manager
    Fiat on-ramp
    Giftcard off-ramp
📱Download from Apple Store
📱Download from Google Play Store

BlockBanc - Non-Banking APP


BlockBank – Banking 3.0

BlockBank is building decentralized financial services and infrastructure for Banking 3.0, which involves a wide range of users from sophisticated funds and crypto whales to beginners. The platform consists of the built in blocks of technology, that will allow us to deliver the seamless user experience:

    Intelligent Advisor
    Everyday Banking Platform
    Personal & Merchant Accounts
    VISA/Mastercard Services
    Crypto-to-crypto exchange
    Web3 and Dapps functionality
    Tokenized Rewards System -BANK Token
    Everything on the BlockBanc app and more…

BlockBank - Banking 3.0