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$FI Token Live

December 18th – we at Fideum are excited to announce a significant development in our journey: the transition from BBANK to FI tokens. This token swap is a key part of our strategy to enhance our platform’s capabilities and align with our vision of serving a growing global user base.

Contract Address: 0x1294f4183763743c7c9519Bec51773fb3aCD78FD

Ticker: $FI

Network: Ethereum & BNB Chain (ERC20, BEP20)

Token Supply: 4,000,000,000

Trading: Uniswap, PancakeSwap

Overview of the $BBANK to $FI Token Trade

The primary aim of this swap is to transition from the circulating 400 million BBANK tokens to 4 billion FI tokens. This increase in the number of tokens is designed to cater to the expanding needs of Fideum Group, allowing us to accommodate millions of users. Importantly, we ensure that the total percentage ownership for existing token holders remains unchanged, offering a straightforward 10:1 swap without introducing new tokens or diluting current holdings.

Eligibility Cut-off Date

Please note that only BBANK tokens purchased BEFORE December 18th are eligible for the swap with FI tokens. We urge all community members to pay close attention to this cut-off date to ensure eligibility.

BBANK No Longer Supported

With immediate effect, BBANK is no longer a supported asset on our platform. We strongly advise against purchasing BBANK tokens from this point forward as they will not be eligible for the swap, nor will they be supported in future developments.

Clarification for Current Token Holders

We understand there has been some confusion within our community regarding the swap. To clarify, the swap is exclusively for BBANK tokens held before the aforementioned cut-off date. Any acquisition of BBANK tokens post that date will not be recognized for swapping purposes.

Swap Mechanics

If you hold BBANK tokens in your CeFi account that were purchased before the cut-off date and wish to participate in the swap to $FI, we encourage you to open a support ticket. Our team is ready to guide you through the process and ensure your tokens are swapped as intended.

Addressing Key Issues with the Swap:

With the BBANK to FI token swap, we’re not just changing names; we’re addressing several critical issues to improve our platform:

  • Enhanced Trading Transparency
  • Fresh Trading Chart
  • Arbitrage Solution
  • Unified Brand Identity

Token Distribution and Listing Strategy:

$FI launches as a multi-chain asset on both the Ethereum (ERC) and BNB (BEP) networks. Initially, FI will be listed on decentralized exchanges at the same fully diluted market cap as BBANK. Our strategy includes plans for listing on Tier 1 exchanges after building sufficient operational capital.

Supported DEX:

To trade FI token click the links below:

Swap Ratios and Timeline:

In the first month following the swap, each BBANK token can be exchanged for 10 FI tokens. From the second to the sixth month, the ratio changes to 1 BBANK token for 6 FI tokens. After six months, the swap functionality will be disabled.

This token swap is a crucial step in aligning Fideum’s infrastructure with our future goals and commitment to our community. It ensures that as we grow and evolve, the interests and trust of our users remain our top priority.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as financial advice.

Author: The blockbank team
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