x Mastercard: A new era of Finance for blockbank unveiled 🚀

blockbank now on Product Hunt!

blockbank has made a major leap in its hunt for adoption by officially launching on the Product Hunt platform on February 7th. Product Hunt is an online platform that provides a unique community-driven experience for users to discover and share new products and technology. The platform has become a popular destination for entrepreneurs, developers, and investors, who use it to showcase their work and receive feedback from potential customers and investors.

And now, blockbank is excited to introduce our Product — an all-in-one banking solution to the Product Hunt community. We have developed a platform that streamlines the finances of our users, allowing them to say goodbye to multiple apps and manage all their financial needs in one secure place. With blockbank, users can take control of their digital assets and manage them with ease, earn interest without the need for intermediaries, make lightning-fast transactions, turn their digital assets into fiat currencies effortlessly and unlock the access to our fully fledged banking services which includes dedicated bank accounts and debit cards very soon.

“Product Hunt community, get ready!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of blockbank — the world’s first neo-banking superapp that seamlessly combines TradFi, CeFi, and DeFi into a single mobile solution for retail and institutional clients.

Experience next-level financial services with blockbank”

-Ana, CEO & Co-Founder of blockbank

The launch on Product Hunt provides a unique opportunity for us to showcase our products and latest developments to tech-savvy users and pioneers of the industry with the aim of growing our user base and gaining valuable feedback and insights.

blockbank on Product Hunt

You can play a part in our journey by showing your support and spreading the word about blockbank’s all-in-one banking solution which is poised to make a significant impact on the financial industry. So start now by signing up now on Product Hunt, give us an upvote and download the blockbank app!

Author: The blockbank team
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