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Fideum Triumphs with Mastercard Lighthouse People’s Choice Award & Baltics Class Winner Accolade — Fall 2023!

We’re ecstatic to share groundbreaking news: Fideum has not only clinched the Mastercard Lighthouse People’s Choice Award but has also been honored as the Baltics Class Winner! This dual recognition is a testament to the passion and dedication that each of you has invested in our journey.

Our ambition at Fideum has been nothing short of revolutionary. We aim to not only develop a platform but to revolutionize the financial ecosystem, making it empowering and straightforward for all. The accolades from Mastercard Lighthouse are a powerful endorsement of our work and your unwavering belief in our vision.

The People’s Choice Award and the Baltics Class Winner distinction are especially meaningful as they represent the confidence and choice of our community and peers. Emerging as a leader among numerous innovative startups is an affirmation of our direction and efforts.

Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV stands as a pillar of innovation, shining a light on the path forward for the fintech sector. It emphasizes crucial domains such as financial literacy, ecommerce, blockchain, fraud prevention, and personal finance management, which are vital for growth and development in regions like Sweden, Finland, and Lithuania.

The Lighthouse FINITIV program, since 2018, has played a pivotal role in propelling the Nordic and Baltic fintech scenes to new heights. In today’s challenging economic climate, fintech’s role is ever more critical, providing essential support to businesses and individuals. Mastercard’s commitment to fostering innovation is remarkable, and being recognized under this initiative is an honor that speaks volumes.

The unwavering support, enthusiasm, and votes from our community have been the cornerstone of this success. This achievement is yours as much as it is ours.

With our sights set on the future, we are more driven than ever to expand our partnerships, spur innovation, and continue delivering superior services. United, we will establish new standards and contribute meaningfully to the ongoing transformation of financial services.

A huge thank you for being the driving force behind Fideum. Here’s to our joint accomplishments and to crafting the future of finance, side by side.

Warm regards,

The Fideum Team

Author: The blockbank team
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