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blockbank’s Crypto Debit Card: Reinventing Neobanking

June 22nd — Pre-Order Your blockbank “HODL” Crypto Debit Card Today!

After months of anticipation, the wait is finally over! We at blockbank are beyond thrilled to introduce our latest innovation that promises to change the way you transact and interact with your finances: the blockbank “HODL” Crypto Debit Card series. A testament to our commitment to reshaping the landscape of personal finance, this new offering signifies our leap into the next stage of financial evolution, bringing with it limitless possibilities and opportunities.

We are not just launching a product; we are building a bridge. A bridge that seamlessly connects the traditional world of finance with the limitless realm of digital currencies, enabling our users to explore and navigate this exciting terrain with ease and confidence.
Named in tribute to our unwavering supporters, our “HODL” Crypto Debit Card is the physical embodiment of our appreciation and respect for the community that’s stood by us, sharing our vision of a more inclusive and empowered financial ecosystem.

The journey towards this momentous announcement has been challenging, exciting, and above all, inspiring. Today, as we present this new card, we’re not just launching a cutting-edge product but sharing a manifestation of our shared beliefs and commitment to break down barriers and forge a new path in personal finance.

Join us as we take a closer look at the innovative features, exciting perks, and the transformative potential of the blockbank “HODL” Crypto Debit Card. Let’s explore how this card, coupled with significant improvements to our mobile and web app, promises to redefine your financial experience, one transaction at a time.

What Makes the blockbank Crypto Debit Card Special?

Our mission is to empower users to take control of their financial future and embrace the benefits of digital currencies. With the “HODL” Crypto Debit Card, you can do just that. Built as a tribute to our resilient community, this limited-edition card allows you to transact with cryptocurrency as easily as traditional fiat currency.

The card is available in both physical and virtual formats, compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Garmin Pay. And yes, the virtual cards are just around the corner, expected next month, while the physical cards will be hitting your mailboxes in approximately two months.

The Power of Tiers

To bring you more benefits and cater to varying needs, the blockbank Crypto Debit Card comes with four tiered levels: Starter, Explorer, Growth, and Private Wealth. The tiers are designed to reward you for your commitment and loyalty.

Tier 1 — Starter
Value to be locked: 0+ USD worth of $BBANK locked in Earn.
Yield: 1% APY on BBANK, and up to 1% APY on other assets.
Cashbacks*: 1% paid in BBANK

Tier 2 — Explorer
Value to be locked: 2,500 USD worth of $BBANK in Earn.
Yield: 2% APY on BBANK, and up to 2% APY on other assets.
Cashbacks*: 2% paid in BBANK

Tier 3—Growth
Value to be locked: 15,000 USD worth of $BBANK in Earn.
Yield: 4% APY on BBANK, and up to 3% APY on other assets.
Cashbacks*: 4% paid in BBANK
Perks*: 100% refund on Netflix and Spotify subscriptions paid in BBANK

Tier 4—Private Wealth (VIP)
Value to be locked: 50,000 USD worth of $BBANK in Earn.
Yield: 8% APY on BBANK, up to 5% APY on other assets, and additionally, up to 10% in BBANK on other assets.
Cashbacks*: 8% paid in BBANK
Perks*: 100% refund on Netflix and Spotify subscriptions paid in BBANK

That is correct! You will be earning yield on your locked asset(s)!

*Cashbacks and Perks are subject to Terms and Conditions.

Exciting Cashbacks and Perks

Our team is finalizing an impressive list of perks and cashbacks for each tier that will make your blockbank experience even more rewarding. While we understand the anticipation, we promise it’s worth the wait!

Why Cashbacks?

Imagine getting a reward every time you purchase! That’s exactly what cashback offers. Not only does it make your spending more rewarding, but it also gives you an opportunity to save on your everyday expenses. Whether it’s buying groceries, paying bills, or even splurging on that one thing you love, cashbacks add a little extra joy to each transaction.

Our upcoming cashback feature isn’t just about giving back to you. It’s about creating a rewarding financial ecosystem that aligns with your lifestyle. We believe that finance should not only be accessible and effortless but also rewarding. And, with the blockbank “HODL” Crypto Debit Card, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Enhanced User Experience

We understand that a seamless, intuitive user experience is critical in our rapidly evolving digital world. That’s why, along with the launch of our “HODL” Crypto Debit Card, we’re also implementing a whole suite of UI and UX improvements to our Mobile and Web App.

Navigating our platform has never been more straightforward. The redesigned interface will allow you to deposit fiat or convert your crypto to fiat more easily, facilitating a smooth transition between your digital and traditional finances. Along with this, the app will also enable you to track and manage your card, giving you full control over your financial activities.

The Wait is Over: Pre-Order Now!

As we embark on this ground-breaking journey, we are initially rolling out the card for our CeFi users from the EU and the UK. Visit our web app and place your pre-order to secure your blockbank “HODL” Crypto Debit Card.

This is not just a card. It’s a symbol of progress, a key to a future where your financial freedom is in your own hands, quite literally. It’s a revolution that fits right into your pocket. The future of finance is not just knocking on your door — it’s here. And it’s not waiting. It’s moving, growing, and changing every day.

So, don’t just wait and watch. Jump in, pre-order now, and be the change. Because at blockbank, we believe that the future of finance waits for no one. And, with the blockbank “HODL” Crypto Debit Card in your hand, neither will you.

Author: The blockbank team
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