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Introducing blockbank’s Web App!

Enjoy and explore all the features of blockbank’s CeFi account on your desktop!

We are excited to announce the launch of blockbank’s highly anticipated Web Application (BETA)! 💻 As part of our ongoing commitment to making our services more accessible and versatile, we are now extending our reach to desktop users! With the launch of blockbank’s Web Application on April 10th, you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of managing your CeFi account on a desktop platform.

Gone are the days when our CeFi and Banking services were limited to our mobile application. This expansion is part of our pledge to meet the needs of our ever-growing user base and adapt to the ever-changing financial and crypto landscape.

In Version 1.0 of our web application (BETA), you can experience the following features:

✅Login or Signup for a CeFi account and complete KYC 📝

✅Deposit and Withdraw Crypto Assets 💰

✅Seamless Exchange between Assets 🔁

✅Track your Portfolio 📈

✅Deposit EURO using SEPA Wire Transfer 💶

✅View your Account Settings ⚙️

✅Set up Two Factor Authentication 🔐

At blockbank, we recognize the significance of constant progress and innovation. This is why we’re dedicated to frequently updating our web application, incorporating more services and features on a regular basis.

Join us today and experience the effortless integration between our mobile and web applications. Our skilled team has worked hard to create a user-friendly and enjoyable experience and establish blockbank as the ultimate solution for all your CeFi & Banking needs. We are confident that this expansion will reinforce our pursuit of becoming the industry-leading CeFi service provider.

So why wait? Join the blockbank community today and experience the future of Banking on your desktop!

Author: Sudipto Das
Article Posted in: Announcements
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