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Everything you need to know about our Pre-Paid Card Testing Program

Our pre-paid card testing program is one in which we provide pre-paid debit cards to a select group of loyal customers for testing purposes.

The Selection Process

The loyal supporters of blockbank are chosen for their steadfast support and for being heavily engaged with us. They’ll get to test the new pre-paid cards as a reward for their loyalty. By involving loyal supporters in the testing process, we’ll be certain the product meets the needs and expectations of our users.

To be a part of this program, you must have at least:

20,000 USD* value in your earning account!

*Note: 20,000 USD refers to the combined value of all of your assets in the blockbank “Earn” section. For example, if you have 10,000 USD value of BBANK and 10,000 USD value in ETH/BTC/USDT, etc., you are eligible for the program.

The Purpose

All pre-paid cards will be topped up with a set amount of funds and can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash. The purpose of this program is to gather feedback from our loyal supporters on their experience using the pre-paid cards and to identify any issues or improvements that can be made before the product is officially released.

Benefits of Pre-Paid Debit Cards

Pre-paid Visa debit cards come with a host of benefits:

Be a part of our prepaid card testing program. Please fill the form with all necessary details and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

*Please note that the eligibilities described above are ONLY for the Alpha testing program and will not be required when blockbank cards are rolled out to the rest of our users, where the usual terms and conditions will apply. 

Author: The blockbank team
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